A Mom in Uganda


I stumbled across this old email from Danielle Hurley in Uganda. Danielle is the wife of Shannon Hurley who is over SOS Ministries. This is the family we will be partnering with during our Emmaus Uganda trip. Although it is now February, I was encouraged by this thanksgiving post and thought I would pass it along.

Happy Thanksgiving! This Thanksgiving I have been extraordinarily thankful to be a mom in Uganda, and I’d like to share a few of the reasons with you.  I am especially thankful to raise my children in a 3rd world village because:

1.     Where else would I live that wouldn’t have a grocery store closer than a 2 hour drive, which forces me to stay at home and fulfill my priorities?

2.     Where else would I be able to serve my church body throughout the week and visit their homes who are all within walking distance?

3.     Where else would my children be exposed to poverty on such a personal level that they ask me if they can give away their clothing and shoes to their friends in need (as opposed to comparing the abundance of wealthy neighbors)?

4.     Where else would my children be able to hop on boda bodas (motorcycle taxis) without me after Sunday lunch and travel together to a Muslim village to teach a children’s Bible study?

5.     Where else would my kids ask to tutor their friends who are actually excited to come to our house for tutoring by kids their own age?

6.     Where else would I be able to be such a close partner with my husband in serving the Lord, where our home is the headquarters for ministry?

7.     Where else would I live next door to my ministry partners who are only a few steps away for a sweet hug or word of advice?

8.     Where else would I live where my kids are thrilled to receive an imported treat like a couple of grapes?

Is it hard living in a 3rd world country? At times it is, but the blessings far outweigh the challenges. The little blessings are sweet gifts from God’s very hand. This year, I am acutely reminded of my Shepherd’s tender care for His sheep, in particular our family. I know that your Shepherd has poured special blessings on you in your specific location or circumstance, and if you look for them, you will find wonderful nuggets where you least expect them.




New Series starting January 1: How to Defend the Bible 

  • How do we know God exists?
  • How do we know Jesus was God?
  • How could God send people to Hell?

Uganda Missions Trip 2014

by Sean Perron

by Sean Perron

Emmaus has an incredible opportunity to travel overseas for the sake of the gospel. God is doing an incredible work in Uganda through Sufficiency of Scripture ministries and we want to partner with them in July 2014 in conjunction with the D3 Conference.

During the missions trip, here are some of the things the Emmaus students will be able to experience:

  • One-on-one discipleship for 18 days
  • Numerous opportunities to share Christ with hundreds of children, high school students and locals.
  • Lead Bible story lessons for Ugandan schools
  • Serve the local Uganda church and learn from their leaders
  • Interact with missionaries on the field
  • Build life long relationships with the missions team

Consider partnering with us for this adventure and be sure to visit the D3 Uganda Mission Trip website.

There will be more information given about the trip at an upcoming parents meeting at Crossing Church.

The Primary Influence on a Child

A short excerpt from Total Church by Tim Chester and Steve Timmis

“For all the talk of peer pressure and the influence of the media, the primary influence on a child is the family. This is the context in which children learn values. But not much of that teaching occurs in formal “sit down and listen to Mother or Father for forty-five minutes” contexts! Most of it is done in life settings as situations crop up. Most of it happens in conversations as you are out walking the dog or washing the car. Much of it is in response to events in which someone has messed up, misbehaved, or made an error of judgement – all actions that in some way reveal what is going on in our hearts.” pg. 114

Walking the Road with Parents

This short video from the Gospel Coalition helps clarify the roles of youth leaders and parents.  It articulates the vision we have when it comes to youth leaders, students and parents.

Emmaus Vision: To partner with parents to see students (6th grade to 12th grade) meet Jesus, grow in their relationship with Him, become grounded in the faith and make disciples among the nations.