Book Recommendation: Does God Desire All to Be Saved?

Tonight’s Emmaus topic is on the doctrine of election. This topic can be both controversial and confusing. As a high school student, I remember wrestling with this issue and pouring over seemingly contradictory passages in the Bible. Perhaps the most helpful piece of material I have discovered is an article by John Piper called “Are there two wills in God?” This article has now been published into a very thin book called “Does God desire all to be saved?” The book is less than 50 pages but offers a convincing explanation of some of the most difficult texts in the Bible.  If you want to study the topic further, I recommend grabbing a copy of this book.



The Unquenchable Flame (Recommendation)

by Sean Perron

by Sean Perron

We just watched Luther the movie at our Emmaus Christmas Party.

If your appetite is whetted for more of Luther and his boldness, you may be interested in this short book by Michael Reeves. I could not put this book down the first time I read it. It is a witty yet purposed study of the Reformation. The biographical sketches of Luther, Calvin, and Zwingli are spunky, engaging and open up your courage for Christ.

If you want to light a fire in your heart for bold proclamation of the gospel, here is a good log for fuel.

The Unquenchable Flame by Michael Reeves.





What is Biblical Theology? (Recommendation)


We are getting ready to study Prophecy and Typology at Emmaus. This will be one of the final sessions in our How to Study the Bible Series.

If you want to go a little deeper, I readily recommend this short book by Dr. Jim Hamilton. The chapters are quick but they are full of gold. Whether you are a parent or a student, this book is a clear and user friendly guide on the topic.

I have been reading a chapter a day and found myself looking forward to engaging it each morning/evening. My favorite chapters are 6-9 which give concise helps on how the Biblical authors used symbolism in the Scriptures.

It might just change the way you read your Bible.

You can find the book on Amazon here. What is Biblical Theology? A Guide to the Bible’s Story, Symbolism, and Patterns.

Bible Study: A Student’s Guide (Recommendation)


If you are looking for a good read to go along with our current series on the Bible, I recommend this one.

I picked this book up and have found it to be readable, pointed and practical. It covers all of the basic topics we are currently studying in Emmaus and has helpful illustrations in each chapter. It is a book written for high school students that connects but does not insult intelligence.

Whether student or parent, check out Bible Study: A Student’s Guide by Jon Nielson.

A more detailed review of the book is available on the Gospel Coalition